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Peaksboutique is Back

I apologize for being a bad blogger the past few weeks, but I really appreciate all of the new visitors we have had! Jake proposed to me on April 20th, and things have been crazy busy ever since. I will continue to post about fabulous home decor and I might throw in a little wedding stuff here and there as well.



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Custom Work and New Design

A friend of mine asked me to make custom designed tea towels for her kitchen. My only instructions were, “any design you like. vintage inspired…. maybe tattoo inspired.”

I will admit I was a little nervous with this request. I have never had someone ask for custom work so I had a lot to figure out. Primarily following my design instincts and running with it with confidence and of course figuring out what the design should be. She told me that she wanted black tea towels and that I should use “artists discretion” for the other colors. I made a list of possible images to paint, mostly kitchen oriented such as an old malt machine, or milk bottles etc. Nothing really felt right and I was not sure how to make them look tattoo inspired. I love tattoos so I wanted to make sure I included it well in the image choice and execution.

Then I decided that I should focus on the tattoo design instead of kitchen design. What are typical American style vintage tattoos? Top of my list barn swallows, nautical stars, banners, hearts, anchors, and pinups. I opted for two barn swallows with a nautical star in the middle, and I hope that she likes them too! I also decided to add the design to my etsy shop, click on the image below to purchase.

If you would like custom designs done, please visit my etsy store or send an email to peaksboutique@gmail.com.



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Welcome to PeaksBoutique!

Peaksboutique is dedicated to creating unique home decor products such as place mats, napkins, blankets, bedding and towels.

My name is Erica Beck the creator and designer of Peaksboutique. The inspiration for Peaksboutique began with a simple set of drapes. Ok, it wasn’t really simple …but it helped launch my dream of creating unique home decor.

My boyfriend Jake and I had recently moved into a beautiful loft. We instantly fell in love with the spectacular floor to ceiling windows that spanned the entire eastern wall overlooking the Chicago skyline. We were in such awe over the beauty that we didn’t think about the sun rising and frying us like bacon in bed each morning! After about 3 sunny days we knew that we needed to buy drapes..but where do you find drapes for a 20×11 foot window?!?

We set out on a mission and failed miserably. Time after time we were told that we would need have custom drapes made. We couldn’t possibly bring ourselves to spend thousands of dollars on custom drapery. So I decided that I could do it myself. I just needed to learn how to sew first….

We went to Vogue Fabrics and Jake stumbled upon fabulous white bull denim. If you knew Jake you would understand that he is quite the denim connoisseur, and that he never thought I would agree with the idea, but I absolutely loved it! We bought the whole bolt and then went and bought a sewing machine (yes, a little bit backwards).

After breaking about 4 needles, I was on my way. I made 4 huge panels, that match the minimalistic aesthetic of our loft. Each panel has large silver grommets (thanks to Jake for putting those in), and silver jean rivets at each corner for subtle detail. We wanted the panels to hang flat and not bunch, so Jake had the idea of using silver beaded ball chain to attach each grommet to the rod. As they say, the rest is history. We now get to sleep comfortably in our own bed!

White Bull Denim Drapes

White Bull Denim Drapes

Now that I have my sewing machine and the confidence I needed, I started creating products for Peaksboutique and selling them at http://www.peaksboutique.etsy.com I hope you enjoy my home decor as much as I do!


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