Renegade Craft Fair Review Part 2

I would like to share another fabulous artist from the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, Prologue by Shawna Rose. Prologue is a line of custom purses, sounds pretty normal right? Wrong. Shawna Rose creates one of a kind purses made from vintage books. Talk about original! These are GREAT gifts for teachers, librarians, or just plain old book lovers. Check it out at




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2 responses to “Renegade Craft Fair Review Part 2

  1. This is incredible! Having been an avid reader since my childhood, I rever books of all types so I was a bit skeptical when I first read about Shawna Rose repurposing books into purses.

    As I’ve grown older, I’ve become a recycler so as to do “my little part” in helping the environment. And since buying a Kindle, I’ve vowed never to purchase another hardback book.

    I’ve often thought about altered books but they’re really just decorative items and how many of them can you have in one home?

    Shawna’s wonderful idea saves books (or part of them) in a way that is totally functional and I like that.

    In my online shop, I use repurposed items as often as I come across something that inspires me, so hoorah for Shawna!

  2. I grabbed one of her cards too! Her work is the Jam! You should check out Ali See designs too. Ali is older and started doing this same work years ago, but its nice to see a youngin pick up the torch and expand on the idea. Cheers all around!

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