Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair to do a little holiday shopping last Saturday, and I should have brought more money! There were TONS of fabulous crafters and artists. Everywhere I looked I wanted to buy something, unfortunately most of it was for me and not exactly the holiday shopping I was planning on doing. I would like to share a few spotlight reviews with everyone. So stay tuned for a new artist each day.

I absolutely fell in love with everything Swear Jar Design. It was one of those moments when I realized that I couldn’t have custom designed something so perfect for myself. The entire collection of handmade jewelry is completely cohesive but not at all repetitious. An incredible collection of buckles (my personal favorite), cuff links, earrings, and bracelets hand crafted from nickel, how cool is that?? I had to keep myself true to my promise of only buying gifts (for other people) at the renegade fair, but I will most certainly be back to calm my post holiday blues. Check out for unique and fabulously crafted handmade jewelry.

Swear Jar Design Buckle

Don’t forget a new artist review tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Renegade Craft Fair Chicago

  1. lajoliefemme

    Wow! Great stuff. This jewelry is awesome 😀

  2. kurt and his swear jar stuff was in denver this weekend and i picked up a belt buckle made from a street sign. i was looking at his website and found your blog.

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