Beware of Pick Pocketers!

This post is completely off topic of what I normally would like to write about but I would like to share it with everyone. I work in downtown Chicago and went out to lunch at Cosi and my wallet was stolen right out of my purse while I was eating!

Never leave your bag on the back of your chair!!! Within hours I had charges racked up from gas stations to Macys and Target. The whole situation is a mess, my credit card numbers were sold online and I have charges all the way from Puerto Rico. So beware, and don’t let these creeps ruin your holidays too.



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8 responses to “Beware of Pick Pocketers!

  1. lolasmum

    that’s terrible! thanks for sharing, though…it’s so easy to think “that would never happen to me!”

  2. that sucks donkey’s doo-dahs! 😦 i hope you get it all sorted. scumbags.

  3. Holy crap… that sucks.

  4. Oh! That sucks… thanks for such a somber reminder. I hope it doesn’t get any more painful for you!

  5. That’s terrible! I live in a tiny town, so I forget sometimes. . .

  6. Awww… That so sucks. Here’s to managing a few smiles this holiday season and the next few months…

  7. darn! that’s a tough area despite being on michigan ave. and appearing fancy. i hope everything gets straightened out!

  8. oh no! i’m so sorry that happened to you. if it helps just think of the karmic debt they racked up. meanwhile, i hope your holidays get much better.

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